Personalized Care

Personalized Care is Vital When Holland Bloorview
Becomes a Second Home

Personalized Care is Vital

Six-year-old Carson loves sports and five-year-old Alex loves superheroes. Both have younger sisters, and both are commandeers of attention who will do anything for a laugh.

Both boys also have cerebral palsy – and both benefited from the new Holland Bloorview-SickKids joint selective dorsal rhizotomy program: the only one in Ontario and only one of three in Canada. Before the launch of this new program, kids in Ontario had to travel to the United States for this complex surgery and intensive rehabilitation. Carson and Alex had selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery to relieve muscle spasticity one week apart at SickKids in early 2019. Soon after, they arrived at Holland Bloorview within days of each other for 12 weeks of rehabilitation.

On the specialized orthopedic inpatient unit they are roommates, and sleeping in their room every night are their mothers. “We’ve all clicked. We’re always together, we’re all family,” says Carson’s mom, Carrie. “It’s our second home.”

Expansive new sleeper chairs where she and Alex’s mom Sarah rest each night are examples of Holland Bloorview’s commitment to ensuring that family-centered care continues around the clock. These 63 new chairs provide the space needed for a better night’s sleep than one might imagine inside a hospital.

Whiteboards inside Alex and Carson’s room are also new – families and staff can leave important notes for each other, or monitor the all-important weekly goals of rehabilitation. They’re also canvasses for self-expression, where the boys write jokes and share artwork.

In just a short time at Holland Bloorview, Alex and Carson have made remarkable progress. Through different types of therapy, the boys are stronger than they’ve ever been, taking more and more steps with less support. “It’s amazing,” their moms say in unison.

Personalized care for families is top of mind across the hospital. On the administrative end, broadening clinician appointment hours to 10 hours a day (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) has had a big impact on care. Newly expanded service on Saturdays helps support parents who already miss a lot of work and children who miss a lot of school.

Holland Bloorview is also working to make the intake process smoother and more efficient for clients. Minor tweaks help the team welcome new families, address priority needs, answer key questions, and quickly connect them to resources inside and outside the hospital.

Back in Carson and Alex’s room, the conversation has shifted to birthday parties and weekend playdates for two boys with a special friendship.



"We’ve all clicked. We’re always together, we’re all family."

"We’ve all clicked. We’re always together, we’re all family."